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Laser Tag: War Games

Our Outdoor Laser Tag scenarios have one mission: the ultimate laser tag experience.

Offering military laser rifles, we aim to create a realistic tactical experi...

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10 People First Aid $295

Wilderness Scavenger Hunt

Survival skills meet a classic childhood game in our wilderness scavenger hunts.

Tap into your Florida wilderness knowledge to scope out all the necessary materi...

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10 People First Aid $200
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Popular Amenities On Our Ranch

Team Building Challenge

Our guides will select and adapt these family fun challenges for all ages and physical abilities.

Family Sized Cabins

We offer both basic and premium lodging with in-cabin bathrooms. Our basic cabins have access to a renovated bathhouse that is safe and clean.

Laser Tag

We offer team based and tactical laser tag games for groups up to 150. With acres of land in high grass, with bunkers and forts for a true challenge.

Conference Locations

We offer a variety of conference locations that accommodate from 20 to 150 people in total with lights, fans and power supplies.

Event Fields

Up to 250 acres of grazing land available for large events, parking and easily suited to your needs for any event.

Mud Sports

Who doesn't love to get a little dirty sometimes? We have hosted groups on our mud obstacle course and for mud olympics who have memories for a lifetime.

Tips From Our Experts

Learn About Survival

Outdoor compass to navigate home
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

Survival Tips: Real World Navigating

I am famous for my terrible sense of direction. I’d rather be famous for winning the lottery or inventing renewab...

Starting a fire in the outdoors
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

Start A Fire: Magnifying Glass Edition

It's easier than you think. Starting a fire with a magnifying glass is possible and in this short blog we're goin...

The best survival aren't expensive
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

One Knife to Survive Them All

What is the best survival knife to have if I could only buy one? From our Survival Expert: Jeremy Spence