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This web site is a service to our club members and friends to understand our goals, amenities and costs .

Our Goal: Omega Ranch is a full service outdoor recreation facility in New Smyrna beach that is ideal for bringing families; groups and friends together as they make life long memories. Come slow down, set aside all the high tech devises and enjoy what God has given us around the campfire as we host family fun, retreatsbirthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate team building and other fun things to do in central Florida. We also love outreach and ministry and have helped several friends enjoy the ultimate bucket list weekend adventure that can be life changing as they build relationships around great memories. Our staff can also provide weekend adventures on site or anywhere in the world at super low costs per person that can include camping, kayaking, mountain biking, repelling, cave diving, fishing, scuba diving, wilderness adventure trips, survival training and much more.

The Facility: Spanning 5 miles on 1,200 acres Omega Ranch is nestled between Orlando attractions and things to do in Daytona Beach. We are on both sides of SR 44, about 5 minutes east of I-4 and adjacent to 50,000+ acres of conservation land known as the Tiger Bay Wild Life Management Area. With the massive size and ability to buffer activities miles apart we have lots of family fun, summer camp for kids and at the other ranch handle the man stuff. Our cabins have about 100 beds-air conditioned and heated (we can bring in more), endless campsites, dry RV sites, a mobile kitchen, several covered and screened in grilling areas, meeting areas for 10, 30, 100, 200 campers along with parking and event areas on over 200 acres of pasture. We have several other amenities and activities: lakes, canals, wild life, pastures, treed area, sports fields, paintball fields, challenge courses, mud run obstacles, dedicated-agricultural, conservation and hunting areas, along with the largest gun range in the state, longest precision range in the southeastern United States with over 150 head of cattle.

Future Plans: Our future plans include developing a self funded and sustainable landing place for foster children/siblings to stay together and another for aged out foster children to learn and grow in agricultural, conservation, running a restaurant, a nursery, fishing operation, farm animals, petting zoo, equine facility and raising organic produce and fish through hydroponics and aquaponics. Read more under Our Vision.

Activities: Our pristine charitable camp has many quiet areas to encourage building long term relationships that unite us in a life full of fruit and purpose. We also offer Survival classesgun classesArchery classes and can host special group activities around treasure hunts, team building/challenge coursesscenario games, our gun range and other activities.

In addition to our camp activities and amenities many of our guests enjoy the Daytona Beach activities from races to Orlando fun things to do like the Holy Land Experience, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and several water parks.

Call us today at 855-718-3325 or complete this short online form to begin planning your next adventure!