The Omega Way

The world we live in continues to speed up. The lives we live were once full of meaningful relationships, rich experiences and opportunities to discover truth. But now our lives are full of void.

The Omega Way is a determination to be whole, despite the fragmented world we live in.

Wholeness has a variety of dimensions in our lives depending on the roles we live out daily. For fathers, it is the call to be courageous. For mothers, it is the determination to stand for love. For all of us, it means something uniquely different and in reality, it means the same to all of us. The search for health in our mind, body and soul.

We believe that wholeness is the first step in the journey. And as each of us becomes whole, we have the great opportunity and privilege to serve others into that same health. What we share in our wholeness, comes out of an abundance of the heart – the more whole we become the more we have to share.

The Omega Way is wholeness, servanthood and abundance. We invite you to our ranch to experience wholeness first hand. Be our guest.

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Low Carbon Footprint

Our pristine land has been developed with the smallest environmental impact to minimize our carbon footprint and impact on natural habitats.

Florida's Largest Campground

We have 1500 acres of mostly undisturbed wilderness in the heart of Florida between our north and south ranches.

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With half day to multi-day adventures, we offer experiences for all ages from entry level survival training to corporate team building.