Are All Ferro Rods the Same?

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Are All Ferro Rods the Same?

Ferrocerium rods are an easy way to get a fire started in survival situations. But are all of them made the same and equally effective?

Short answer is no. It all has to do with the exact mixture and percentages of the rare earth earth elements used to make ferro rods. Cheaper ferro rods don’t work as well and take some extra effort to produce sparks. The hotter the spark, the more efficient the ferro rod will be to get your fire started.

The scraper, also known as the striker, needs to be of good quality materials also. Make sure it has a sharp, 90 degree angle to get the most effective scrape of the rod. You can also use the sharpened edge of your knife or the spine if it has 90-degree angles.

Another way to get good sparks from just about any quality ferro rod is to use a small file and use the corner.

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