Outdoor compass to navigate home
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

Survival Tips: Real World Navigating

I am famous for my terrible sense of direction. I’d rather be famous for winning the lottery or inventing renewable energy. Unfortunately, I’m known among friends and family for being able to get lost in my own house...and my house isn’t that big.

So, taking an outdoor survival class seemed like a good idea...

After that class, I was drivin...

Starting a fire in the outdoors
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

Start A Fire: Magnifying Glass Edition

It's easier than you think. Starting a fire with a magnifying glass is possible and in this short blog we're going to teach you how. 

I was not very good at starting fires in the fireplace, so I loved Christmas time when we had tons of wrapping paper to put under the fireplace wood to get it started. Half the time the fire would quickly burn up the wrapping paper and g...

The best survival aren't expensive
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

One Knife to Survive Them All

What is the best survival knife to have if I could only buy one?

From our Survival Expert: Jeremy Spence

When it comes to knives, the blade metal alloy, temper, thickness and shape are the most critical things. I prefer carbon steel because I can use it to start a fire in ways that are not possible with stainless steel knives. There are 4 basic knife shapes which would be very har...