Are All Ferro Rods the Same?

Ferrocerium rods are an easy way to get a fire started in survival situations. But are all of them made the same and equally effective?

Short answer is no. It all has to do with the exact mixture and percentages of the rare earth earth elements used to make ferro rods. Cheaper ferro rods don’t work as well and take some extra […]

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Three Hour Precision Shooting Class at Omega Ranch

More fun times on the shooting range at beautiful Omega Ranch!
Omega Ranch will be holding a 3 hour precession shooting classes and hands on shooting in the field for 500+ meters $159+ per person

Rent Long Range Precision Rifles starting at $100 per day, plus ammo costs $2-$6 per round.  If someone wants to shoot a large bore sniper rifle, we […]

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Instructor shooting at Omega Ranch

This is a competition stage called the “Triple Nickle”.  It is two shots each on 5 targets, at 5 yards,  in under 5 seconds, with a magazine change.  You start with an 8 round magazine and when it runs out, you dump it and reload to finish out the last target.  By the way, this is a 4 second run.

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Weekend Outdoor Survival Class

survival trainingLost in the woods? You’ve got nothing to fear – if you’ve taken the Omega Ranch weekend survival class, that is!

This may be the last outdoor survival class for the summer, but classes will resume again in fall when the weather gets milder.

From our instructor Jeremy Spence, here’s a sneak […]

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Omega Ranch Gun Class

Here’s my quick review of this morning’s gun class, taught at the outdoor gun range at the beautiful Omega Ranch.

I’ve taken a couple of classes at indoor ranges at commercial facilities before. I have no prior gun experience, and on both occasions, it was pretty uncomfortable.  There were people right next to me who were horsing around, people who apparently […]

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