Know Where They’re Going and When They’ll Be Home

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Know Where They’re Going and When They’ll Be Home

The harshest and most extreme outdoor search and rescue situations have been a result of lack of communication. Basically, if you tell a friend or a loved one where you are going and when you will be back they can help you. Every year whether at an amusement park or in the woods people are lost and it can take hours or even days to find them because they did not tell anybody where they were going. Just watch the movie “Taken” and you will see how quickly things go bad when a couple of college girls decide to hide their adventure abroad from dad and they are kidnapped by people for sex trafficking. Florida is now the leading state in sex trafficking, so we need to be diligent to protect our families. We offer great survival and even hands-on gun classes at Omega Ranch through the Omega Ranch Academy with top national instructors.

Most people are found within minutes to a maximum of three days but it is always easier to find them close by where they were originally lost or near the accident scene.

Always make sure somebody knows where you’re going, what you’re doing, what you are wearing and when you will be back. In fact, tell a few friends, the more the better. Tell them where you will park and most importantly when you will call to let them know you are back and OK. When you do all of this you can relax and stay where you were lost knowing someone will call for help.

With so many things to do outdoors, it is huge to teach your family to look you in the eyes and make sure that you respond so that everybody knows what’s going on. This is part of family survival training and it will protect your family and teach everyone to respect each other. If age appropriate they may want to watch a movie like “Taken” to get the importance of “keep mom and dad informed”, so we can protect our children.

If you’re going into crowded areas or concerned with child abduction, it is very important to note or even take a picture of what your children are wearing especially their shoes. The kidnappers do not usually change the shoes but will most likely change the outfits.

We want to help you learn to how to survive as you enjoy your family fun in central Florida. Please review survival techniques and safety tips with your family before going on any outdoor adventures. The following is a quick list to review:

  1. Where are you going?
  2. What will you be doing?
  3. Who are you going with?
  4. When will you be back?
  5. Let us know when you are back.
  6. What do you need to carry to be safe and what are you wearing? Take a selfie and send it to me now, with the shoes, you can bend down, it is good exercise.
  7. Get the other person’s picture and contact information for them and where you are going.
  8. At amusement parks arrange a place to go to meet if lost for more than an hour (stay where you are lost for the first hour).
  9. Remind them to watch people to be aware of their surroundings.

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