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How to Start a Fire with a Magnifying Glass

You can easily learn how to start a fire with a magnifying Glass, an ice cube, a water bottle, a baggie with water, a flashlight bulb, a chocolate bar and a tin can or other highly reflective or concentrated lights.

I was not very good at starting fires in the fireplace so I loved Christmas time when we had tons of […]

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How To Get Started in Archery

Back in 1961, I couldn’t wait for the weekend and the next episode of American Sportsman. Most of the time, it was a fishing or hunting expedition. Curt Gowdy, Lee Wolfe, or some celebrity would go on a deep-sea fishing trip or African Safari to the next exotic expedition. But sometimes it was Fred Bear or even Howard Hill hunting […]

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Dangerous Caterpillars

I was raised by missionaries in the amazon with cannibals and lived with some crazy dangerous critters. But make no mistake, they are everywhere, even right here in our back yards. When we do a kids survival class, we talk mostly about communication, navigation, fires, insects, plants and snakes.

We love to try new things to do outside but always […]

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Basics – What to Carry to Survive Anywhere

Family survival training is huge in a survival situation. As I write these blogs and look back at the hundreds of people we have had at our survival classes, retreats or even birthday parties at our ranch or in their homes, many things seem so simple to us. That because we have had countless hours of hands-on survival training. Our goal is to […]

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Know Where They’re Going and When They’ll Be Home

The harshest and most extreme outdoor search and rescue situations have been a result of lack of communication. Basically, if you tell a friend or a loved one where you are going and when you will be back they can help you. Every year whether at an amusement park or in the woods people are lost and it can take […]

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How to Signal for Help If You Are Lost

Would you know how to signal for help if you found yourself in a survival situation? Each year, thousands get lost in dense forests or while hiking in different terrains. These tips can save your life if you need help.

The two best ways to signal something from a distance is with fire or something that reflects.


If you are trying to […]

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How to Find Your Way Home

Recently I was told a story about a woman getting lost on a nearby walking and biking trail while hiking with her daughter. Her daughter got distracted off the trail and her mom went after her. By the time mom got done with all the twists and turns of chasing her daughter who was chasing the butterflies, mom lost track of where the […]

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Are All Ferro Rods the Same?

Ferrocerium rods are an easy way to get a fire started in survival situations. But are all of them made the same and equally effective?

Short answer is no. It all has to do with the exact mixture and percentages of the rare earth earth elements used to make ferro rods. Cheaper ferro rods don’t work as well and take some extra […]

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Twelve Things You Should Know About Concealed Weapons License Holders

Omega Ranch offers a Concealed Weapon Permit Classclick here to find our more and to register! — Use promo code: SAVE for a special discount


There’s a lot of misinformation out there these days about people who have chosen to exercise their right to […]

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