HandGun Safety with Shooting Experience


HandGun Safety with Shooting Experience

$ 84.00

This 2-Hour Course will provide you with training from some of the best NRA certified Instructors. Training includes shooting a minimum of 100 rounds (ammo not included) with hand-guns at Omega Ranch.

Register for regular class dates and times:

2PM – 4PM Class 1st Saturday of the month
9:30AM – 11:30AM Class 2nd Saturday of the month.
1PM – 3PM Class 2nd Sunday of the month.

Call to make an appointment 855-718-3325
*Custom dates are available.

In this class you will learn proper safe handling of firearms and the shooting fundamentals of:

  • stance
  • grip
  • sight alignment
  • trigger squeeze
  • discuss some of Florida’s firearm laws found in Chapter 790

Bring your own *handguns, ammo, eye and ear protection (loaner firearms subject to availability). There is a $15 additional fee per rifle that you provide if you want training with a rifle or shotgun. We do have loaner guns and rifles (must be prearranged, subject to availability and we request a donation of $25 per gun and $50 per rifle to Camp Omega).

You’ll leave with confident experience that makes you prepared!

  • Bring your own safe, serviceable, clean handgun (must be zip-tied open with no magazine in the chamber) upon arrival.

Reschedule fee of $10 for any date changes after reservation.

Minimum age 8 years, (minors must have a paid adult with them).