8-Hour Advanced Survival Training For Two

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9:30AM – 5:30PM Class 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
*If dates are not available that means class is full.

*Alternate days are available, especially for small groups.
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This 8 Hour course price includes two guests and is a hands-on, learning experience which will build on and expand on the lessons learned in the Intermediate Course. Students will learn:

  • Fire / Water – how to process a one-log fire with just a knife and ferrocerium rod. This is a skill that is very useful and necessary during wet conditions or rainy days. As always, they will learn to think about the ‘next’ fire and plan and prep for that. Students will also do some hands-on water gathering by digging a sip well and scooping out water, solar stills or V notch and then making it safer to drink with charcoal filtering using the charcoal gathered from their one log fire, boiling water over fire or with hot rocks.
  • Shelters – several different ways of building shelters out of natural debris and out of survival space blankets, tarps and rain ponchos.
  • Regulating Core Temperature and Staying Hydrated-Students will learn about the critical importance of regulating their body’s core temperature and discuss what raises and lowers the temp and how to get it back to where it should be. Hyperthermia and Dehydration kill more people than hunger when lost in the wilderness.
  • Land Navigation and Signaling Techniques–We will discuss the importance of land navigation, how to find the cardinal directions (north, south etc.) and how to walk in a straight line. You will also learn how to signal for help, how to leave signs of where you are going so that rescuers can track and find you.
  • First Aid–We will demonstrate basic wilderness first aid, how to identify poisonous snakes and plants will also be taught.
  • Foraging–looking for natural food sources in plants and vegetation.
  • Primitive fishing, Snares and Cooking–We will briefly discuss some techniques for trapping small game, fishing and wilderness cooking.
  • Spears and Walking Sticks–Learn how to make a good hunting spear, and the many uses for a spear, including using it as a walking stick and as a defensive weapon.

Most importantly, students will learn how knowledge and the right mindset are the most critical things in survival. The more you know, the less you worry and better your chances of survival.

  • Includes lunch with instructor(s).

*You need to bring a survival knife and ferro rod to class. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from us for only $12. Click here to purchase.

Reservations are required 5 days in advance, subject to availability. Reschedule fee of $10 for any date changes after reservation. Price is per person. Minimum age is 8 years old, all participants under 10 must have accompanying paid person over 14 years’ old and waiver signed by legal guardian.

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This 8 Hour course survival training is a hands-on, learning experience which will build on and expand on the lessons learned in the Intermediate Course.