Outdoor compass to navigate home
Omega Ranch November 7, 2017  

Survival Tips: Real World Navigating

I am famous for my terrible sense of direction. I’d rather be famous for winning the lottery or inventing renewable energy. Unfortunately, I’m known among friends and family for being able to get lost in my own house…and my house isn’t that big.

So, taking an outdoor survival class seemed like a good idea…

After that class, I was driving through the woods on a friend’s very large property. I realized I had no clue where I was going and that’s when it kicked in!

I’m feeling mildly panicked after almost getting stuck in quicksand. The thought hits me, ‘Is anyone going to help me.’ But here are a few tips from the survival class that helped me through this:

  • First of all, before I left my house that morning, and because I knew I was heading out to a fairly remote area, I told my teenaged son where I was going and approximately what time I’d be home.  That right there is huge. In an absolute worse case scenario, if I didn’t come home and my son reported me missing, rescuers wouldn’t be like “Well, she’s probably somewhere in Florida”; they’d know where to start looking right away.
  • Secondly, after that survival class, I started making sure that I had a few basic survival supplies with me in the car, including bottles of fresh water and a box of granola bars, and a basic fire-starter.
  • And thirdly, I remember one of the first things the instructor told us: Don’t panic.  If you start panicking and thinking “I’m going to die!” you probably will. If you stay calm and decide “I’m going to live”, you also probably will.

Also, while my sense of direction still isn’t great, thanks to the survival class, I now know how to make a compass out of objects lying around on any forest floor AMAZING

I’d debated getting out of my car and walking to get help, but I decided against it. I had shelter; why leave it? After a few minutes, I saw a car driving off in the distance, winding through the road that I’d been looking for. I managed to turn my car around, headed out that way, and within minutes, I was out on the main road.

To some people, a survival class may sound kind of extreme, but you literally never know when you may need some of these very basic skills that can keep you alive for the crucial few hours or days it might take for rescuers to find you.