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Surviving a Giant Wild Hog Attack

My friend Bobby is a wild hog Trapper for several institutional large property owners.  He uses dogs to corral them, then he ties them up and eventually brings some to us at Omega Ranch for our wild hog hunts in one of our large pens.

He went out hunting one day with his dogs just like any other day. As the morning fog disappeared and things started warming up, he could hear his dogs had found something and were hot on the pursuit.  Like many times before he had to fight his way through the palmetto bushes and even traverse wetlands and streams to keep up with the dogs.

Soon he found himself almost shoulder deep in mud, barely making his way through when he heard off in the distance, the dogs were coming his way chasing something big. Before he could get out of the mud he saw the hog running into the swamp coming towards him. It was a massive hog, the size you picture when you hear about the Russian hogs that are coming south. Bobby is a big guy, pushing 280 pounds, 6 foot tall and this hog made him look small.

Most people don’t realize that feral hogs can be very aggressive and vindictive. As we handle hundreds of successful wild hog hunts every year at we  experience and hear lots of stories. Guys have been chased out of the woods. They’ve even had to run and climb up a tree to get a way while the hog waits down below, routing the bottom of the tree hoping to knock it over to get to their prey.  Hunters have speared hogs and had them come right up the spear after them. If you want an extreme wild adventure or adrenaline rush – this can definitely be it.  These hunts separate the men from the boys as we get back to the old way of finding food for our families.

Unfortunately, this hog hunt was turning dangerous. Bobby felt his adrenaline peeking and saw the hog’s eyes locking  onto his eyes as if to say “I’m coming for you buddy.”  As quickly as the hog could, he wallowed through the mud coming for Bobby. The dogs tried to help but they could not get through the mud fast enough. Bobby tried to use his rifle but it was covered in mud and would not fire.

This was quickly becoming one of those wild hog hunts that people like to talk about but nobody wants to experience. The massive beast continued to lunge forward through the mud and work his way towards his target.  Bobby tried to move and get out of the way. He was worn out and was within 20 yards of the edge of the swamp but he didn’t have a chance. This wild hog hunt was officially a nightmare as the hog was within 10 yards, moving in fast and looking to thrash Bobby with his massive tusks.

Bobby remembered he had the knife that he had used many times before on wild hogs.  As the Beast got within 5 feet of Bobby, he reached down through the mud on the side of his leg and pulled out the big knife. He didn’t even have time to pull the knife completely out of the mud as the hog was snarling almost right on top of him. He reached out through the mud with the knife and stabbed the hog underneath the jaw through his head. The scene looked like something from a Hollywood thriller as he fought the monster stabbing and cutting him several times. By the time it finally stopped lunging forward, Bobby was leaning back so far it looked like the hog was on top of him with its ‘hogzilla’ nose and cutters almost touching Bobby’s nose.

City folks don’t realize that killing your meal is the easy part, it’s a lot easier than dragging an animal out and then cleaning it. After a long struggle of digging himself out from underneath the hog, Bobby tied it up and began the hard job of dragging the hog out of the mud. Bobby will tell you that this was one of the hardest days of his life. Only by God’s grace did he make it and he is very thankful. You can bet he always carries a good quality knife. We all know you should not bring a knife to a gunfight, but if your firearm fails in the mud like this, a good  knife is a lifesaver.

This is another reason we always recommended a buddy system when you’re in the woods. Remember to train to survive and thrive. Check out our hog hunts at Omega Ranch!

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