10 People First Aid

Two Day Nature Detox

Omega Ranch North

Life is fast, busy and filled with technology. Sometimes we just need to unplug.

The wilderness and pristine nature you will find at Omega Ranch is the perfect back drop for you to detox from the stresses and pressures of life. Our low carbon footprint provides a rustic and natural setting. This gives you the opportunity to truly separate yourself from every distraction keeping you from complete health.

Are you seeking the serenity of a nature trail? Maybe you want to test yourself on our Omega Challenge Course? This 1,000 acre property has something for everyone, including team building experiences for corporate events and survival training for adventure enthusiasts.

Included in your 2 day detox, choose from one of these outdoor adventures:

  • Primitive Cooking Lessons
  • Wilderness Scavenger Hunt
  • The Omega Team Challenge
  • Canoe Adventure
  • Hiking and Trail Exploration

While a detox is crucial for all of us to maintain complete wholeness and wellbeing, our true desire and hope is that everyone will leave recharged for the fires of life.

2-Day Group Price $790
Group Price is for up to 10 participants

Designed For Youth, Professionals, Families and Nature Lovers

Each additional person is $79. 3 day adventures are available with prices starting at $99 per person.


The 2 Day schedule includes a 3-Hour Survival Training for Saturday morning.

  • Arrival: Friday Night 4pm to 6pm
  • Checkout: Saturday Afternoon by 4pm

MEALS Included

  • 2 Complete Meals for Saturday (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • 1 Friday Night Campfire Light Refreshments


  • Bring Your Own Tents
    (if you prefer cabins there is an additional cost of +$15 per participant)